The Best Way to Advertise in Medford!

Advertising on is an innovative and effective way to reach your audience:

1. A captive audience- over 40,000 people read each month and the site averages over 4,000 unique visitors everyday.

2. Locally targeted– we exclusively publish ads from local businesses to maximize effectiveness and reader engagement.

3. Statistics will tell you exactly how many times your ad appeared on the website and how many clicks it received

4. Each ad appears on every page of the website

5. Bright, full color ads appear on every page of

6. Ads are linked to your website

7. High visibility– no more than 3 ads run in any spot at any given time. is a local hub and is a great way to reach not only Medford and area residents but people around the country and around the world that want to keep up with Medford news or that are looking for information on the city. That includes former Medford residents and Tufts University families that are looking for a central place to get information on apartments for rent, cars for sale, doctors, banks, and other college necessities.

That is especially good news for businesses that have an online presence or the ability to sell goods online because your ad can be linked to your website and take customers directly there when they click on the ad. The exposure on will expand your customer-base inside Medford as well as outside. Advertising on the internet allows unlimited potential to reach a much broader audience.

Reaching the Greater Medford/Arlington/Cambridge Area, and partner together to bring advertisers to an even larger audience. Combined, the sites reach over 70,000 people each month in the Medford/Arlington/Cambridge area. A discounted rate is available to advertise on two or three websites.

For more information, please email or call 781-526-1997.

Advertising Options and Locations

Ads appear on the top of the page and the right-hand side of the page. There is only one top banner spot and several available on the right in two different sizes (see below for details).

The top banner ad is $100 per month or $30 per week for only. The large right-hand side ads are $90 per month or $25 per week. The small right-hand side ads are $75 per month. There is no design fee; we will work with you to create the right ad.

Please contact Allison Goldsberry at or 781-526-1997 for more information.

Top Banner Ad 728 x 90 pixels (9.71 inches by 1.2 inches)

large ad 72890

Right Banner Large Ads 300 x 250 pixels (4 inches by 3.33 inches)

right ad 300 x 250

Right Banner Small Ads 125 x 125 pixels (1.67 inches by 1.67 inches)

small right ad 125 x 125